Land Use & Zoning

Land use and zoning laws affect every property in Florida. Whether you are a developer who wants to build a major new shopping center or residential subdivision; a rural landowner who graciously gives a sliver of her property to a neighbor for access and later finds out she has made her own property unbuildable by doing so; or a retired couple who simply want to replace a shed that the government says is too close to the property line, having solid legal advice about the ramifications of government regulation of your property is essential to preserving your property value and protecting your investments.

Extensive Experience In Land Use Law

The team at Langley, Nagel, Crawford & Modica has decades of land use law experience in Central Florida and have represented clients ranging from the largest national property developers to our neighbors down the street

If you are having any issues regarding development of land or government regulation of property, whether with your property or a property near you, we can help.

Please call us at 352-432-1435, and ask to speak with an experienced land use attorney today. You can also reach us online. From our office in Clermont, Florida, we represent clients throughout Lake County and beyond.

Practical Knowledge And Legal Guidance In A Variety Of Areas

We offer legal services and representation in matters including, but not limited to:

We also handle easements and boundary disputes, including through litigation.