Protect Your Future With A Criminal Expunction or Record Sealing.

A criminal record will negatively impact your life. A criminal  conviction could prevent you from obtaining financial aid for college, owning a firearm, and pursuing your career goals.  A criminal conviction makes a lasting impact long after you served your time, paid your fines or finished probation.

Fortunately, it may be possible to obtain a seal or expunction of your criminal record. Through sealing and expunging,  your criminal history, or portions of your criminal history, will be made inaccessible to the public. This means your criminal record will not appear on a routine background check and you may have other opportunities you might otherwise be denied.

Are You Eligible?

Certain charges, depending on the outcome, may be eligible to be expunged or sealed through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Our team of criminal defense attorneys can advise you of your options, help you determine whether you qualify, and if you qualify obtain a seal or expunction of your criminal record.

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