Skilled Business Dispute Resolution Services From A Lake County Law Firm

Few things are as bad for business as a protracted legal dispute. At Langley, Nagel, Crawford & Modica, we understand that fighting for your business requires knowledge, efficiency and effectiveness to limit the expense to your business.

Tough Advocates For You

From help with collections to high-stakes litigation, Langley, Nagel, Crawford & Modica is a law firm with the experience, strength and resources to manage your business dispute with the highest caliber legal representation.

Our services include representation in alternative dispute resolution such as mediation. We also advise businesses and employers how to minimize the risk of dispute.

A Trial Law Firm

While we always explore options for resolving issues outside of court, in some cases litigation is unavoidable. When litigation is necessary, our skilled trial lawyers are ready and able to take your case to court. We are experienced courtroom advocates, having represented clients on a wide range of legal matters in civil and criminal courts.

Supporting Community Businesses

Our commercial dispute attorneys are local, although many have worked previously at some of the most prestigious law firms in the country. Because we are local and care about our community, we view our clients as partners. That means we put your interests first, and work diligently to get you to an outcome that sets you up for continued success.

Start Exploring Your Options Today

Give us a call at 352-432-1435 or send us an email to get started. Our office is in Clermont, Florida, and we represent individuals and businesses throughout Lake County, Sumter County, Orange County and beyond.